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South Australian Tourism Awards 2012

One more sleep before the 2012 South Australian Tourism Awards.

29 deserving organisations and individuals will be awarded their coveted prize in the following categories

01 Major Tourist Attractions
02 Tourist Attractions
03 Major Festivals and Events
04 Festivals and Events
05 Ecotourism
06 Heritage and Cultural Tourism
07 Indigenous Tourism
08 Specialised Tourism Services
09 Visitor Information and Services
10 Business Tourism
11 Major Tour and/or Transport Operators
12 Tour and/or Transport Operators
13 Adventure Tourism
14 Tourism Marketing
15 Tourism Education & Training
16 Tourism Restaurants & Catering Services
17 Tourism Wineries, Distilleries and Breweries
18 Tourist and Caravan Parks
19 Backpacker Accommodation
20 Hosted Accommodation
21 Unique Accommodation
22 Standard Accommodation
23 Deluxe Accommodation
24 Luxury Accommodation
25 New Tourism Development
26 Qantas Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism
27 Outstanding Contribution by an Individual
28 Excellence in Tourism by Local Government
29 Excellence in South Australian Food Tourism

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Good luck to everyone who worked hard during the nomination process!  We look forward to congratulating the winners!!