Eden Valley

The Eden Valley is a premium grape growing region, capable of producing exceptional wines from Chardonnay to Zifandel, most notorious for Shiraz and Riesling.
Ranging from 400m to 600m above sea level, the Eden Valley provides perfect cool climate conditions for growing long slow ripening fruits.
The topography of Eden Valley is rugged and varied stretching from Truro in the North, Keyneton to the east throughout the higher altitude micro-climate of High Eden with the souther edge touching Mount Plesant .
Higher ranges generally receive more rainfall, with Eden Valley township averaging 600mm per year.
Temperatures can range from -5 degrees in winter to 45 degrees in Summer, with frosts and occasional snowfalls contrasting with the blistering heat of February and March.
The first Eden Valley vineyard was planted in 1843 and there are still many old vineyards producing high quality wines.
Small blocks of dry grown grapes are nurtured alongside newer plantings, a combination of larger producers and small family owned businesses.
Ancient moss rocks can be found throughout most of the region, these weathered schists enhancing the rugged beauty and mineral characters below
Generally the soil is acidic and varies with the topography from grey to brown sandy loam to red clay, interspersed with schistic gravels.
The soil defines the flavour and structure of the different varieties of grape grown here.