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South Australia is home to many producers of low-sulphite wines. Sulphites are organic compounds that are found in the skin of grapes and act as a natural preservative. In high concentrations, though, sulphites can cause allergic reactions in sensitive drinkers. Generally a quality wine has a low level of natural sulphites, but some cheaper mass-produced wines contain high concentrations. Established wine merchants such as can offer advice to allergy sufferers or those simply seeking quality additive-free products.

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Taste of South Australia

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Mary Anne Kennedy the Owner/Director of Taste of South Australia was born into the Hotel industry in South Australia, and studied at the school of winemaking, Roseworthy Agricultural College.  She then worked in sales, marketing and PR for Chateau Commodore around Australia, the Intercontinental Sydney and Wirra Wirra winery in South Australia.

Mary Anne has significant knowledge in wines to offer visitors with a taste for something special…. a taste for fine wines, food and lifestyle.
Mary Anne feels that wine is a personal experience, best enjoyed in an intimate atmosphere with time and comfort on your side. She offer individuals or group the chance to enjoy the State’s wine regions in air-conditioned comfort.

Join her for a taste of South Australia

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