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Hahndorf Inn

Hahndorf Inn, the best place to sit and rest in Handorf!

35 Main Street , Hahndorf , South Australia , 5245

Website: http://hahndorfinn.com.au
Telephone: (08) 8388 7063
Mobile: (08) 8388 7063

Hahndorf Inn

Established as a farming village in 1839 by Lutheran refugees from East Prussia, Hahndorf has a long history of back breaking toil as well as the finer things in life.

Captain Hahn wrote of this beautiful country, later to be famous by Sir Hans Heysen, “my first glance fell on the beautifully formed trees, which nature had planted there as with the hands of a gardener”.
Its two hotels were places for convivial company, where successes and failures of harvest were discussed, dissected, celebrated or mourned over a few drinks. Although exhorted by their pastors to be moderate in their consumption of alcohol, the villagers were all well versed in the delights of the vine.