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Dowie Doole

DOWIE-DOOLE has finer, more elegant wines than mainstream Australia

276, California Rd, McLaren Vale , McLaren Vale , South Australia , 5171

Website: www.dowiedoole.com
Telephone: + 61 (0) 8 8323 7428
Mobile: 8323 7428

DOWIE-DOOLE has finer, more elegant wines than mainstream Australia

DOWIE DOOLE came to fruition in 1995, when architect/grapegrower Drew Dowie joined forces with international banker/grape grower Norm Doole and Leigh Gilligan, grape-grower and veteran wine marketer.
They realised from the start that the strength of DOWIE DOOLE was the suite of widely-varying premium vineyards that the partners could draw upon.
From the coastal south-east of the prime Willunga Basin, through Blewett Springs, onto the cooler Willunga escarpment, and right into the higher country over the ridge, these vineyards provide a range of flavours and ripening timeframes that are second to none in this beautiful region on the Gulf St Vincent, patron of viticulturers.
From its inception, DOWIE-DOOLE has striven to make finer, more elegant wines than mainstream Australia.
From the entry-level wines to the sublime, all DOWIE-DOOLE products have been grown, made, matured, packaged and released to fit quite specific parts of price scale, the market, and your dining table.