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Cleggert Wines

The proud home of two indigenous Australian grapes - white cabernet sauvignon Shalistin and bronze cabernet sauvignon Malian

Shalistin , Langhorne Creek , South Australia , 5255

Website: http://www.cleggettwines.com.au
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Telephone: 61 8 8537 3133

Natural evolution is playing a winning hand at award-winning Cleggett Wines. The two different coloured grapes evolved naturally and are indigenous to Australia.

A chance discovery of pinky bronze fruit on a Cabernet Sauvignon vine in 1977 provided Mac Cleggett the opportunity to propagate this single (cane) cutting at his Langhorne Creek vineyard. This Bronze Cabernet Sauvigon grape is registered as Malian.

Several years later (1991) through the same process of nature the White Cabernet Sauvignon grapes was identified and subsequently registered as Shalistin.

The Cleggett vineyards are the home of these two sports of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cleggett Wines was featured on ABC TV Landline program (May 2007) http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2006/s1933677.htm

After years of careful propagation, Mac and Anne McLennan established Cleggett Wines in 2000 to launch the new varietals on the world market.

Now officially registered on international grape databases, the grapes are producing wines of quality and distinction, and attracting interest around Australia as well as overseas.

Scientific tests have confirmed that Malian and Shalistin have the same DNA profile as the parent Cabernet Sauvignon. Scientists who have spent many years researching these varieties have now identified the small difference that resulted in the colour changes and the subsequent identification of the two sports of Cabernet Sauvignon. The White Cabernet Sauvignon is actually an albino cabernet grape and we make both a dry and a sweet style white wine from this.

If you are interested in reading about this work it is published online in the journal Plant Molecular Biology (2006) 62:623-635, or email the authors (or us) and we will post you a copy.

*Shalistin and *Malian are registered varieties under Plant Breeders Rights in Australia and are listed as grape varieties on the International data bases.